4 ways to do Pilates despite Corona

on September 03, 2020

Fit through the crisis - our ideas how you can continue your Pilates routine on the mat and reformer despite Corona without putting yourself and others in danger.

The reality in 2020 is different than we all thought - Corona has changed a lot in our everyday life, in our working life and in our habits, e.g. the workout routine. But many things can be done quite normally, even in times of COVID-19 - you only have to follow a few simple rules.

We have summarized our own approach to not have to do without Pilates on the mat or the reformer during Corona, but still to follow all rules and maintain high hygienic standards.

As always with such lists, the following points are of course our personal solutions to deal with the crisis and the new hygiene requirements. But maybe you can draw some important conclusions for yourself from the one or other thought of our enumeration, which will help you in your hygienic Pilates training.

1. Show personal responsibility: Do not come to classes if you do not feel healthy.

Easy? Sure - but because it's so important (and yet it's often forgotten) it's our clear number 1. Protect yourself and others.

2. Training in the studio - follow the basic rules

In order to continue to train safely in your Pilates studio, you should follow a few important rules at this time:

  • Hygiene concept: Familiarize yourself with the concept of your studio in advance and follow all rules. Nobody sets up rules to annoy anybody - everything is done so that it can continue despite the pandemic.
  • Shower at home: Sure, especially when it's cold, it's nice to shower in the studio. But many studios only have small washrooms - so it's better to take something warm to put on and shower at home.
  • Distance, Hygiene & Mask: Calling it "AHA" (Abstand, Hygiene, Alltagsmaske), the German gouverment asks every citizien to suppor the fight against COVID-19 by follow the three basic rules: distance, hygiene and everyday mask. The mask should be worn until your arrive at the mat or reformer, distance should always be maintained and hygiene is important anyway.
  • Bring your own drinks in sealed bottles.

3. Training at home - with online courses via Zoom & Co

If there is no other way, then better stay at home - the lockdown had one good thing though: Almost every studio now offers online classes parallel to the normal classes on site. Just ask your studio how they can help you.

4. training in the studio - use LOOOPs

Finally, our favorite tip: If your Pilates routine includes not only the mat but also reformers, this is the ultimate tip for you. Use LOOOPs (or other personal reformer loops). This is the only way to prevent contact with germs, bacteria and sweat of the previous user of your reformer.

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