Safe training

Finally no longer coming into contact with germs, sweat and bacteria from other users - this is made possible by LOOOP from NUNIQ Pilates. 

Developed by experienced Pilates trainers

Many years of experience as a Pilates trainer have gone into every LOOOP - be it the thickness of the padding or the density of the strap used, all factors have been determined 

2 in 1 - No oversized double loop

The LOOOP is designed so that each user brings their own pair to training - of course, the size also matters. With the combination of long and short loops in one, the LOOOP is exactly as big as it needs to be.

High tech material

The LOOOP is made of durable polyester - making it strong and tear-resistant, but at the same time soft to the touch. The padding consists of 5mm soft foam. The material can be washed in the washing machine and is quick drying.

Ergonomic & adaptable

The structure and the avoidance of oversized labels not only create the soft grip - the LOOOP

  • No contact with bacteria, sweat and germs from other users
  • Compact: No oversized double loop, but compact
  • Flexible: thanks to two D-rings, long and short loops in one
  • Footlock function
  • High-tech material: durable polyester and 5mm padding
  • Machine washable at 30 ° - quick drying material
  • Strong, tear-resistant, yet soft to the touch
  • Ergonomic for large and small hands
  • Perfect hold for hand and foot with foot lock
  • Soft edges against cutting
  • Applicable to all reformers
  • Easy clicking and lacing
  • Safe training


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